Why React Native?

  • Cross-platform mobile application

  • React Native is a framework for cross-platform mobile application development that is iOS and Android. By using react native You can save your time, money, and staff resources etc.
  • Right Choice For Application

  • For Application Development React Native is the right choice because it is supported directly by Facebook Engineering and they are taking the technology to next level. day by day.
  • Applications using React Native

  • So many application are developed using React Native like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Discord, Airbnb, Baidu, Walmart, Bloomberg and many other applications.
  • Android / IOS Platform

  • If you are aware of javascript then you just have to use your existing knowledge to build a mobile application that will work fine on both android and ios platform
  • React Native like Native

  • React native is like native but it uses the components instead of web components. To understand basics structure of React Native app you have to know the basics of React.
  • Deliver products Faster

  • React Native reduce the development cycle and makes it possible to deliver products in the fastest way.

  • Highly Responsive

  • React Native is more focused on user interface, unlike AngularJs and Meteor JS. It gives a highly responsive interface experience to users with the help of asynchronous Javascript interactions between React Native and the Native environment of the device. This, in turn, increases the app’s load time and keeps it running smoothly without interruptions.
  • No need of Java Swift

  • React Native is one of the leading frameworks for cross-platform mobile development and its popularity is constantly growing since there is no need of particular Java, Swift, or Objective-C developer for respective Android and Ios application development.


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