Create Auto Image Slier Gallery Android iOS with Page Indicator

02/04/2019 By Administrator

Auto image slider gallery is a type of image container that holds multiple images inside it with navigation options. Image Slider has Image Title and Caption text to show some useful information about current image. Image Slider also contain Left Right navigation arrows and Page Indicators connected with each image. In react native if you make your own custom Image Slider then it will take lot’s of code and time but using the react-native-slideshow library you can easily make your own custom Auto Image Slider Gallery with Indicator in Android iOS React Native application. So let’s get started .

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Dynamically Add Remove Component through Animation in ScrollView

02/06/2018 By Administrator

ScrollView in react native is one of the mostly used component after FlatList. ScrollView can render different types of component with different properties. In this tutorial we would Dynamically Add Remove Component using Animation in ScrollView component. We would add Views in scrollView on application run time and also provide the functionality to our user so he can remove them dynamically with animation. We are using the translateX animation type so the views comes from left side. If user decided to remove the views then they would remove by going into right side of mobile screen. So let’s get started .

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React Native Custom Checkbox Component iOS Android Example

02/05/2019 By Administrator

As we all know react native just launch its new 0.58 stable version but there is still a lot’s of components are missing and one of them is Checkbox. React native currently dose not provide us Checkbox component so we need to make our own custom checkbox. It is a two states handler button which can be checked and unchecked. Checkbox is used to get same type of multiple values from user in both android and iOS applications. Checkbox is very popular among developers because of its functionality to get multiple values from user. In this tutorial we would create Custom Checkbox Component for both iOS Android applications in react native.

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